Journal Articles 

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* denotes a student co-author.

Book Chapters

Gorina, Evgenia. Other People’s Money: Financing Public Goods in Texas. (forthcoming). in Texas Yesterday and Today: Readings in Texas Politics and Public Policy, editors Euel Elliott and Doug Goodman. Great River Learning: Austin, TX.


  • Form of Government and Spending in the Great Recession

  • Financial Advisor v. Underwriter: Costs of Information Asymmetry in Municipal Debt Issuance (with Trang Hoang and Jing Wang)

  • Role of Governance in Public Pension Plan Investment Practices (with Kenneth Kriz)

  • Environmental and Fiscal Sustainability: Trade-offs or Complements? (with Doug Goodman, Romeo Abraham,* and Brett Cease)

  • Using Financial Ratios to Predict Fiscal Distress (with Marc Joffe and Craig Maher)

  • Effects of a Mandatory Defined Contribution Plan on Teacher Turnover in Alaska (with Jen Sidorova, Anil Niraula, Mark Joffe)